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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered below. If you have any other questions, please do ask us at your next appointment and we would be happy to answer them for you.

Chandlers Eyecare are a family owned independent group of three practices. Founded in 1994, customer service has always been central to the development of the group. As independent practices we are not tied to any single supplier and offer a wide range of quality frames and lenses to suit most budgets. Our optometrists are dedicated to providing a thorough and comprehensive eye examination. Each examination allows us time to explain the results and keep you fully informed of your visual needs.

Most adults should get their eyes examined every two years, but older eyes (70 years +) or those with other medical conditions, such as diabetes, may be advised to be seen annually. Children should be seen pre-school and then every two years unless they are wearing glasses or have a strong family history of eye problems which may require more frequent examinations. Ultimately the optimum frequency of eye tests varies from individual to individual, so we will always recommend what is best for you.

Remember that eye examinations cover much more than the provision of glasses. If you have symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, double vision or see distortion in your visual fields these should be investigated promptly to make sure they are not the result of ocular disease.

NHS funded eye examinations are available for some groups, such as: Over 60s, Under 16s, Under 19s in full time education, Diabetics of any age, over 40s with immediate family history of glaucoma, individuals who are partially sighted, individuals with complex lenses and those who are on or are immediate dependents of those on a low income e.g. Job Seekers Allowance, Family Tax Credit, Pension Credit and Income Support.

For the young or the financially disadvantaged, vouchers may be issued after an eye examination to assist in the purchase of glasses or contact lenses as required. It is fair to say that in recent years the NHS funding of eye examinations has become more carefully and strictly controlled. The onus is on the applicant to prove eligibility, so please bring evidence of your benefits to your appointment if possible.

This is a very difficult question to give a definitive answer to because it frequently needs the joint professional skills of both your doctor and your eyecare specialist to resolve problems. In general, eye pain should be brought to the attention of your doctor and blurred vision should be brought to the attention of your eyecare specialist. If in doubt, please call in or phone any branch of Chandlers Eyecare for advice. If you have sudden visual loss, or sudden onset of pain (especially after trauma such as a blow to the head), delay in seeking advice should be avoided and a phone call to your local Accident & Emergency should be made outside of practice hours.

The use of visual display units (VDU) in the workplace is routine. Firstly, be reassured that they don’t actually cause the eyes to deteriorate. However, attention should be given to the ergonomics of the workplace. This means comfortable seating, the correct distance from the screen, avoidance of glare and taking appropriate breaks. It is recommended that you try to relax your eyes by looking away from the screen every 10 minutes and that you try to keep your eyes moist by blinking fully and deeply whilst using a screen. Having an up to date prescription with the right type of lenses and lens coating can also contribute to lens comfort but this is not specifically provided by an employer. If you require glasses solely for use with a VDU, your company should support the purchase of a basic pair of glasses to meet those needs.

Chandlers have a number of companies as regular clients who refer directly to us for their employees VDU needs and examinations. Please get in touch with your local branch manager if you have ten or more employees who will need eye examinations in the near future and enquire about our corporate rates.

The process of being fitted for contact lenses requires specialist help and advice. If you are interested in contact lenses, please let us know when you book for an eye examination. Extra investigations will take place, during the course of your standard eye examination, to measure your eyes and check that they are suitable for lenses. We will then talk through your options with you. Modern contact lenses are safe and comfortable to wear. We have a number of staff who are very experienced in helping patients to wear contact lenses. You will be allowed time to discover that inserting and removing lenses is only a matter of good technique and initial feelings of clumsiness will soon be overcome as your confidence grows.

A wide variety of lenses are available to suit your individual needs and circumstances. At Chandlers Eyecare we will give you a fair and realistic view of your suitability for contact lens use. Prices will depend on the lenses finally selected.