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Spectacles are only one way of correcting vision. Imagine not needing to wear glasses for work, sport or socialising. Well with contact lenses the freedom to be glasses free is yours.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens

Contact lenses give you the freedom to see, and be seen, without spectacles. They offer excellent all round vision and look completely natural. Modern lens materials and design make contact lenses very comfortable to wear and, what’s more, they don’t slip down your nose, mist up or get in the way if you are following an active pursuit.

Lenses now are very secure and don’t slip out of the eye or displace like old fashioned lenses sometimes did - they are also more affordable than they’ve ever been and can be used in a wide variety of ways to replace or supplement spectacle wear to fit different lifestyles.

Disposable Lenses

Most contact lenses supplied today are disposable - they are worn for either one day and then simply discarded, or for up to a month with daily care being taken of the lenses to restrict the build up of deposits. By replacing the lenses this frequently the surface quality of the contact lenses remains high and provides for excellent comfort and vision, whilst also promoting long term healthy eyes free from infection or corneal insult.

There are lens designs suitable for nearly all types of vision including astigmatic (irregular shaped) eyes, and, even older eyes can be catered for with new multi-focal designs. Nearly all lenses are designed for wear during the working day but new lens materials are available which allows the eye to “breathe” as normally would be the case without a contact lens on the eye. This new generation of lenses is called silicon hydrogel and can be worn for up to a month at a time.

The ultimate fashion accessory of having different coloured contact lenses to match different outfits is also available.

Need to know more?

If you would like to discover if contact lenses may be right for you, you can book a trial at Chandlers Eyecare.

All we require are the results of an up to date eye examination and will also take some measurements of your eyes specific to the fitting of contact lenses. We will discuss with you the lens types available for your eyes and also try to help you decide which lenses will suit your needs and budget.

Once we have reached a preliminary decision the next step is to teach you how to handle and care for your contact lenses. This may be daunting for some new wearers but our trained staff are very patient and want to share in your success and help you become an enthusiastic contact lens wearer.

We will issue you with lenses to use for a trial period and then schedule a follow up appointment maybe one or two weeks later for you to report your progress. If at any stage you decide contact lenses aren’t for you we will simply charge for our professional time and not burden you with lenses you don’t want to have or to use.

We want you to trust Chandlers Eyecare to provide first class clinical care to meet your aspiration to do away with spectacles and become a contact lens wearer.